UTHealth Classified Job Descriptions

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Job Family & Name
Job Family & Name
10xx Nursing 62XX Building Management
11XX Radiology 63XX Police & Safety Management
12XX Therapy 64XX Stores & Supply Management
13XX Medical Records 66XX Safety
14XX Pharmaceutical
70XX-72XX Compliance
15XX Social Service
80XX Library
16XX Medical Laboratories 81Xx-82XX Training-Education
17XX Medical Services 83XX Fine Arts
18XX Dental 84XX Radio & Television
19XX-28XX Medical Administrative Support 85XX Audio-Visual & Illustration
30XX & 3608  Student Advisory 86XX Journalism-Publications
31XX Testing & Counseling 87XX Printing Related
35XX Athletic Activities 88XX Photography
42XX Pure & Applied Science 89XX Press Production
43XX Technical-Scientific Support 90XX Office & Business Management
44XX-46XX Research Laboratory 91XX Fiscal & Accounting
50XX & 9726 Engineering Management 92XX Statistical
51XX Plant Operation 93XX Information Technology
52XX Building & Allied Trades

94XX & 95XX  Legal

53XX Mechanical & Allied Trades 95XX Human Resources Management
54XX-55XX Labor & Labor Supervision 96XX Purchasing Management
60XX Housing Management 98XX Information Technology
61XX Food Management 99XX Information Technology