Volunteer Program Process

As a member institution of the world’s largest medical center, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) acknowledges and values the role of volunteers in promoting the vision and mission of the university.  Because the university’s hospital venues for volunteers are limited, the university utilizes the services of volunteers only in selected circumstances.    

What is a volunteer?
A volunteer is an uncompensated individual who performs services that augment the work of the faculty and staff and should never replace paid workers, displace paid workers, impair the employment prospects of paid workers, provide services in competition with paid workers, or perform work which would otherwise be performed by paid workers.  As such, volunteer activities are expected to be part-time and sporadic.  A volunteer may only perform a single element of an established position at the university.  Services of volunteers should be considered non-essential and non-critical to the operations of the department and should not require special technical, research, or health care skills or abilities.  Volunteers may not participate in or perform in research or teaching roles and may not provide clinical care.

Please refer to the following link for additional information relating to volunteers under the age of 18

Steps for enrolling someone into the Volunteer Program

1. The department should complete the Description of Services for a Volunteer and submit it to Human Resources / Pre-Employment Services.

2. The department should obtain a completed Volunteer Profile from the prospective volunteer and submit it to Human Resources/Pre-Employment Services.

3. The prospective volunteer is asked to contact Pre-Employment Services at 713-500-3150 to schedule an appointment.  During the Pre-Employment Services appointment, the prospective volunteer will have their ID badge photo taken and sent to UT Health Services for a health assessment.  It is preferred this step be completed one week prior to the intended start date so that the prospective volunteer can be cleared by UT Health Services prior to the intended start date.*

4. If the prospective volunteer is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the United States, the Volunteer Memorandum for Non-US Citizens/Non-Residents must be completed and submitted to Human Resources/Pre-Employment Services.  The prospective volunteer will need to be cleared by the Office of International Affairs during their Pre-Employment appointment.

5. During the scheduled appointment, the volunteer will also receive the Visitor’s Guide which includes the Volunteer Agreement.  The prospective volunteer will be will be will be asked to sign and return the Volunteer Agreement (last page of Volunteer Guide).*   

*For volunteer opportunities at one of our regional campuses, the New Employee Registration and Health History Form should be completed by the prospective employee and faxed to UT Health Services at 713-500-3263.