The University of Texas Health Science Center
Benefits Overview
FY 2013 – 2014

Paid Holiday 14 days (varies)
Sick Leave Accrue 8 hours per month

Vacation New employees accrue 8 hours per month, eligible to use after 6 months – accrual rates increase with tenure

Preventative Health 8 hours for full-time and prorated for part-time regular employees (after completion of probationary period)

Work Life Program Programs and policies that help employees balance the competing demands of work and personal life.

Premium Sharing State contribution (determined by State Legislature) that can be applied toward the cost of health insurance.  Amount depends on the level of dependent medical coverage and percentage of appointment.

Tobacco Premium Program Program implemented because UT System cares for the health and well being of its members.  This program is an out-of-pocket premium of $30 per month for UT Select members who use tobacco products.  Applies to any tobacco user 16 and over.

Medical Insurance Medical coverage is self-insured through UT Systems.  UT Select (PPO) is administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas.  Coverage effective on the first of the month following 30 days of service. Annual deductible - $350 per person or $1050 per family
FCP Office Visit Copay - $30
Specialist Office Visit Copay - $35
Annual Out of Pocket Max - $2500 per person or $7500 per family
Out of network and out of area services are available.

Prescription Automatically enrolled under medical plan.  Administered by Medco Health Solutions. 
Annual Deductible - $100 per person
Retail Copay - $10 generic/$35 preferred/$50 non-preferred
Mail Order Copay - $20 generic/$87.50 preferred/$125 non-preferred
Dental UT Select Delta Dental – PPO
Annual Deductible - $25
Maximum Annual Benefit - $1250
Diagnostic and Preventative covered at 100%

UT Select Delta Dental Plus – PPO
Annual Deductible - $25
Maximum Annual Benefit - $3000
Diagnostic, Preventative, Basic covered at 100%

DeltaCare – DMO
Annual Deductible – None
Maximum Annual Benefit – Unlimited
Diagnostic and Preventative coverage varies

Vision Superior Vision
Copay - $35
Contact Lens Fitting Exam Copay - $35
Frames covered in full up to $140
Standard Lenses covered in full

Superior Vision Plus
Copay - $35
Contact Lens Fitting Exam Copay - $35
Frames covered in full up to $150
Progressive Lens Allowance - $120
Scratch Coat and UV Coat covered in full

Life Insurance Dearborn National Insurance Company
Available from 1x – 6x annual salary to a maximum of 1.5 million
(Evidence of Insurability required for 3x – 6x coverage)
Spouse coverage - $10,000, $25,000, or $50,000
(Evidence of Insurability required for $25 or $50,000)
Dependent coverage - $10,000

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Dearborn National Insurance Company
You are automatically enrolled in a free $20,000 AD&D policy when covered under the UT medical plan.  However, you can elect additional AD&D coverage under the supplemental AD&D policy.

Available up to 10x annual salary, to a maximum of 1 million
Spouse coverage – up to 50% of employee coverage
Dependent coverage - $10,000

Short Term Disability Provides 60% of weekly salary following 14-day elimination period

Long Term Disability Provides 60% of monthly salary following 90-day elimination period

UT Flex Allows employees to deposit a portion of their salary pre-tax into flexible spending accounts to pay eligible health care and/or dependent care expenses. 
Health Care: Minimum - $15/month; Maximum - $208/month
Dependent Care: Minimum - $15/month; Maximum - $416/month

Long Term Care CNA – rates available by calling 1-888-825-0353

Retirement Programs Teachers Retirement System – 6.4% deferred tax employee contribution.  Employer contributes 6.8%.  Vested after 5 years of service.

Optional Retirement Program – available to specific titles only.  6.65% deferred tax employee contribution.  Employer contributes 8.50%.  Vested after 1 year and 1 day of service.  Salary cap is adjusted annually based on IRS guidelines.

403 (b) – Tax Sheltered Annuity
Annually employees may contribute up to a maximum amount established each year by the IRS.  Traditional (before tax) and Roth (after tax) options are both available.

457 (b) – Deferred Compensation
Annually employees may contribute up to a maximum amount established each year by the IRS.


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