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Welcome to Supervisor Resources

Supervisor Resources is a reference guide designed to assist supervisors develop their classified employees and to understand the employment policies and supervisory practices used at UTHealth. The guide has been divided into 10 key questions supervisors most often ask the employee relations advisors.

Telephone Reference Checking...

Not sure about the guidelines for checking references on an applicant you are considering for employment? Please use the following Reference Checking Template as a resource.

If you have any questions regarding this template, please contact your assigned Recruiter. If you are not sure who your Recruiter is for your area, please refer to the first list item below: "Who is my Recruiter".


  1. How do I hire a new employee?
  2. What does my new employee need to know?
  3. What are my resources for information on policies and procedures?
  4. How do I compensate my employees?
  5. What resources are available when my employee needs time off?
  6. How do I develop my staff?
  7. How do I manage my employees’ performance?
  8. How do I counsel an employee?
  9. What are my options when I reorganize my department?
  10. How do I separate an employee?


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